Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Fall 2006 MT / Weekend Getaway!!!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Announcements - OT, MT, Graduation, Reps.

Yonsei GSIS


Dear GSIS Students:

Here are a few brief announcements:

Incoming Students
Yesterday (Wednesday, August 23, 2006), the GSA and GSIS welcomed in the incoming Fall 2006 class. We have a great bunch of diverse, new students whom you'll all have an opportunity to meet during the course of the semester proper; but why not get a head start and meet them at the...

Please keep the first weekend of September (Saturday and Sunday the 2nd-3rd) free. We will be going to a nice, scenic, log-cabin-style hideaway along the river in Gangchon, Kyunggido. The place is big (yet at the same time cozy). It should be fun and relaxing... and fun ^,^ Here are the details:

When: Saturday, Sept. 2 (meeting @ NMH @ 12:00 noon) until Sunday, Sept. 3 (expect to arrive back at NMH by the afternoon).
Where: Gangchon, Kyunggido
How Much: 20,000 Won
Scenery: Magnifique (see attached photo)

The MT will take place before most of you start your classes, so please let us know via e-mail reply (gsa@yonsei.ac.kr) or phone (numbers listed below) whether you plan to attend. And please spread the word. We hope to hear from you soon.

The commencement ceremony for the graduating GSIS class is scheduled for tomorrow (this Friday) August 25, 2006. Here are the Details:

When: Friday, August 25 beginning @ 1:30 p.m.
Where: NMH Main auditorium (Room 101)
Why: To support your 선배들... and get a glimpse of what awaits you when it's your time :-)

Program Reps
Finally, the GSA is proud to announce the Fall 2006 Program Representatives!!!!

Dae Hyuk Baik (010-7189-6002)
Saena Ryu (010-3032-8545)

A Ra Cho (016-9811-0845)
Brett Duncan (010-4721-2897)

Se Won Huh (016-612-9706)
Leo Tian (010-5772-6432)

Boon Young Han (010-8903-8044)
Hee Sun Min (019-323-0203)

Paul Hussey (010-6391-7655)
Wonyoung Kim (011-9751-8090)

These are a great bunch of individual who also happen to make a wonderful team. You'll all undoubtedly be hearing from them soon, but if you see them before then, please don't be shy. Go up and say “hi...
I would very much like to go to the MT.” They'd love to hear from you.
Thanks for Listenin'

Scott H. Chun (010-6419-0642)
Mee-Seung Huh (011-442-7839)
Soo Jeong Bae (018-257-6706)


Sunday, August 20, 2006

Locker Signup

Yonsei GSIS:

Dear GSIS Student:

Here’s the first of a handful of e-mails we threatened... er, uh mentioned. In fairness to the incoming students (and those returning from leave), we will unfortunately have to go through the ugly locker sign-up process again. ㅜㅜ However, we do want to give current students the opportunity to retain their lockers w/o the hassle of signing up anew. So, we give you the three Phases of the Locker Signup Process...

PHASE I – Locker Renewal

Beginning immediately, all current students (those who will be officially registered with GSIS for the Fall 2006 Term) who wish to retain their current locker may do so with an email [to gsa@yonsei.ac.kr] containing the following information:

Locker Number*
Mobile Phone Number
Email Address

* Many of you may not remember your locker numbers, so while it would be helpful for you to provide this information, this is not absolutely necessary.

Phase I will begin immediately and last until beginning the Phase II. Thus, cutoff for email renewal will be 11:59 p.m. Sunday, September 3.

[NOTE: This is not a time to change lockers, or sign up for additional ones.]

PHASE II – Official Signup

Beginning the first Monday of the Fall 2006 Semester (Sept. 4, 2006), an official signup sheet will be available on the 4th floor GSA Office. This is a chance for new and returning students to sign up for their lockers and for anyone who wishes to change lockers (that is, those who did not renew their old lockers) to do so. This phase must be done in person via the signup sheet and lockers will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.

PHASE III – Secondary Signup

This phase will begin 2 or 3 weeks after Phase II. This is an opportunity for those students who wish to sign up for 2nd or even 3rd lockers, if available, to do so OFFICIALLY. This is also an opportunity for GSIS graduates and those students will be on leave for the upcoming term and who might have use for NMH storage space to sign up as well. This phase must also be done in person via signup sheet, as well.

P.S. Please note that it is during PHASE II that locks will be removed. While we will make every effort to contact the previous owner and wait as long as possible before removing the locks, the timing of such removal will ultimately be left to the discretion of the new, rightful owner.

P.P.S. So that noone falls through the cracks, please spread this around via word-of-mouth. We realize that not every receives (or reads) these [blogposts] and we do not wish to catch any GSIS student off guard. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation and sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Scott H. Chun (010-6419-0642)
Mee-Seung Huh (011-442-7839)
Soo Jeong Bae (018-257-6706)


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Welcome Back... Almost

[From the August 14, 2006 GSA Email]

Dear GSIS Student:

I trust you are all enjoying your summer vacations and assume you share the same complaint (that it’s going by far too quickly). Can you believe the new semester is almost upon us? Yes, that’s right. Orientation for the Newbies is barely a week away (which means that the wet hot Korean summer is almost over).

There are a number of things on the horizon for the upcoming semester, so we won’t bore you with them all at once (instead, we’ll deluge you throughout the year ;-).

For now, we wanted to wish you an enjoyable “rest-of-the-summer” and ask you to stay tuned for announcements to follow. Smell ya later ^ ^

Scott H. Chun
Meeseung Huh
Soo Jeong Bae


Friday, June 02, 2006

Election Results

After a closely contested election, with voter turnout of roughly 35% of the entire student body, the members of the "Second Party" (Scott Chun [President], Meeseung Huh [VP], & Soo Jeong Bae [VP]) have been elected to serve as the GSA Executives for the Fall 2006 Semester.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Go to: http://www.sdits.co.kr/poll/login.asp

to vote for next semester's GSA Executives.

GSA Election period will be from May 31st (Weds) to June 2nd (Fri).

Voting Closes at 6pm on Friday.

Friday, May 26, 2006


Hi all.

Below are the platforms for the two parties (1st Party is "Progressive Professionalism" and the 2nd Party is "2nd Party") that will be running for GSA executives for next semester.

Additionally, each party will be presenting their party platforms next Monday (May 29th) at 1pm on the 4th lounge in NMH. GSA will be providing free pizza and snacks, so don't be late!!!

Official voting will begin next Wednesday and will run through until Friday (June 2nd) at 5pm.

Very best,



President: Steven Elwood
2nd Semester, PIC, 2059085
Vice President: Ashley Ho-Yun Chung
2nd Semester, PIC, 1059021
Vice President: Sarah Sowon Yukari Choo
1st Semester, ASP, 1069005

Party Name: Progressive Professionalism


The Progressive Professionalism party’s mission is to strengthen the professional qualifications of all GSIS students. We seek to do this by strengthening the GSIS network between current students, alumni, and local professionals as well as creating new, and reinforcing existing programs to make students more attractive to employers in all fields.

With several semesters worth of GSA and executive Finance Club experience we are the candidate team with the best leadership and organizational know-how to put ideas into action as well as the most qualified to strengthen the professional ties of this professional school

1) As current Vice-President and future President of The GSIS Finance Club we have experience bringing back former GSIS students to share secrets on how to crack into various industries as well as strengthening contacts.

We will expand these sessions into various career fields so that ALL GSIS students will benefit from a better professional focus by learning information that is pertinent to real life and can not be taught in any class.

2) We will work to allow any students to write a thesis, regardless of GPA, if they are granted permission by his or her program chair. There are many classes with varying degrees of difficulty for GSIS students to take among the 5 GSIS majors, GMBA, and other Yonsei Graduate Schools. We believe that students who wish to challenge themselves with harder classes should not be punished by being denied the opportunity to write a thesis.

3) We will work to make the health insurance options available to GSIS students equal to the health insurance options available to all other Yonsei graduate students.

4) We will work to make more cultural and intellectual events available to students rather than focusing solely on party events.

5) We will work to accommodate better access to the Korean Language Institute for KSP and foreign students so that all GSIS students can say with confidence that we can fluently speak Korean.

6) We will also work to accommodate better access to the Foreign Language Institute to accommodate ASP students that can not speak Japanese or Chinese before arriving at GSIS.


Scott H. Chun (ASP), Mee-Seung Huh (IMP), Soo Jeong Bae (IMP)


Simply stated, we are GSIS students, just like you. We’ve been in the trenches with you during midterms, finals, presentations, and the like. We’ve shivered alongside you through cold classrooms during the winter. We’ve had the same questions about some of the GSIS regulations as you. And now, we’ve been afforded the opportunity to help make your Yonsei GSIS experience that much better.


Mainly, we will be there for you through thick and thin. We’ll lend you an ear for your questions and concerns. We’ll keep an eye on the powers-that-be and fight for you, the students. We’ll help bridge any gaps between you and (i) the faculty, (ii) potential employers, (iii) GSIS Alumni, (iv) other GSIS students across Seoul, and (v) anyone else who could help enrich your experience during your time here and brighten your future for your time out there. In short, we’ll do our best to represent you and do all that we can with the responsibility you entrust in us.

Our Platform

Our platform is your platform. Each of us has been involved in the GSA both “behind-the-scenes” and at each “scene-of-crime.” We’ve had the great fortune of working closely with the past and current GSA administrations. They have proved themselves as ambitious as they were industrious. But the bar they set presents us a great challenge. So we do not seek to reinvent the wheel. But where we can, we will round off the edges and take it on a fast ride to where you want it to go. Yes, we have ideas of what we’d like to see happen; but for now (and throughout our term), we’re more interested in listening to what you think we should do. So our ears are open to your suggestions. What did you like this time around? What would you do differently? How could your school life be made better?

Again, our platform is your platform. We make no empty campaign promises. We only leave you with this solemn pledge: we will not stop listening to your suggestions after this campaign ends. We will listen to your ideas throughout our service. Again, we’ve been in the trenches with you and feel your pain. We’re asking you send us to the front lines to fight your fight. So please, don’t forget to vote. Until then (and thereafter), we’re all ears and remain…

Very truly yours ^ ,^
Scott H. Chun (010-6419-0642)
Mee-Seung Huh (011-442-7839)
Soo Jeong Bae (018-257-6706)

Thursday, May 25, 2006

This event hosts ALL ITF students, professors, and alumni
Please have your own budget to cover transportation and lunch
For more Information and RSVP…
Ellen Oh (016-225-0875) or Phil (010-2223-0793)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Yonsei GSIS Finance Club

The Yonsei GSIS Finance Club Presents Special Guest Speakers:

Just Han Pereboom, Financal Analyst, LG.Philips LCD

Channy Kim, Currency Trader, Barclay's Capital

The Finance Club continues its tradition of bringing back industry leaders to share their secrets to success with current GSIS students.

Who: Yonsei GSIS Finance Club

What: 1)Experience in the Finance Sector and Trade Sector
2)Talk with guest speakers Just Han Pereboom and Channy Kim

When: Thursday May 23rd 7:00PM-9:00PM

Where: New Millennium Hall Room 111

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Yonsei GSIS - Migrant Worker Symposium

THE gsis INITIATIVE presents:




u Masum Moniruzzaman: (MTU) Migrant Trade Union

u Mahbub: (MWTV) Migrant Workers TV

u Linda Kwon: (MWTV)

TUESDAY, MAY 23, 2006


Room #104 NMH

kyungjin #010-7443-1369 laura # 010-9959-4242 omer #016-466-1373 tanya #016-302-9822



Friday, May 12, 2006

KSP Gathering

Hi :-)

Midterm is over, the weather is warmer AND teachers day is coming up....

so we are arranging a small KSP lunch for professors and students WEDNESDAY 17th from 12-2pm at Unamgwan (behind Kyongbokkung).

We will meet 11.30 at the 1fl. lobby and go together.

Lunch, sandwiches and drinks will be provided, but we were hoping that you would all tip in for a small present for each of our 4 professors.

Pls respond by Sunday and bring 5.000 Wednesday

C U all

KSP reps.


Date: Wednesday, May 17, 2006
Time: 12:00 p.m. ~ 2:00 p.m.
Place: Unamgwan (near Kyoungbokkung)
Meal: Sandwiches and fruits

Teacher's Day

Come out and show your love and support to Yonsei GSIS professors on May 15th (Monday) at 1pm in the lobby of NMH as the GSA will be hosting a buffet luncheon for our faculty members!!!

GSA Elections

Hi all,

This is a friendly reminder that the GSA Elections for Fall 2006 will take place very shortly. A timeline will be listed below of deadlines and dates to follow if you're thinking about running for the GSA Executive.

1) Info on Party Members (name, major, semester, student ID# for 1 President and 2 Vice-Presidents) & Party Platform and name. Remember, you must be a full-time semester in the fall to run and be elected. This information is due to any current GSA Executive by May 18th.
2) Campaigning (May 22-26).
3) Voting (May 29-31).

That's it for now. Best of luck to everyone that decides to run!!!

Monday, May 08, 2006

The GSIS Initative

Please see the following link for info on the "Initiative's" next general meeting. (http://thegsisinitiative.bravehost.com)

date: WEDNESDAY, MAY 3rd , 2006

time: 12:00


WHY: Join the brainstorming, planning, and organizing of The Initiative social action group’s

Foreign Workers Initiative

WHAT TO BRING: interest, ideas, knowledge inspiration and/or dedication

more info:

laura # 010-9959-4242 kyungjin #010-7443-1369

omer #016-466-1373 tanya #016-302-9822


Monday, April 24, 2006

"Midterm Report"

With the start of the midterm exam period to begin this week, the GSA would like to take this opportunity to provide a "midterm report" to the student body of the events planned/executed thus far, and provide an idea of what lies ahead in the coming months.

Hopefully this post will provide a bit more transparency on the GSA's activities up to this point in the semester. Moreover, we hope to illicit some feedback in order to better serve the interests of the student body for the remainder of the semester.

Activities thus far:
  • Development of this graduate student association blog: the intent was to provide a forum to allow students to offer constructive feedback, sell/purchase books, and gather information on upcoming events & school-wide policy changes. Additionally, the GSA along with one of our very own students (Sam Kwon, 1st Semester IMP) were able to lobby the Dean and administration to secure funding to develop a new website that will be accessible only to current students, alumni and a select number of recruiters. The intent is to provide students with a forum for staying in touch and networking. Expect the beta version of the website to be out in May.
  • Membership Training (MT): in a break with tradition, the MT was hosted before the semester began in an attempt to allow students to avoid any conflicts with their studying and class schedules. We felt this allowed more students to join us and were surprised at the larger than expexted turnout and participation by incoming as well as current students (90 as opposed to typical 40-50 students every semester).
  • Kickoff Parties: this semester's Kickoff Parties were some of the most eclectic and widely attended. Who can forget the underground, urbany ambiance of the PIC's "Kickass Party"? How about the gathering of students that devoured plate after plate of meat at both the IMP and ITF parties? Or what about the more laid back atmosphere at the ASP/KSP Kickoff? Although every program had a little something different planned, two things seemed to remain the same throughout every party: 1) a certain member of the faculty having a blast with the students; 2) students having the opportunity to meet new folks and develop relationships that will have carried them throughout the rest of the semester.
  • GSIS Picture Wall: the intent of the picture was was to provide a place for the GSA to post pictures from events throughout the semester and allow students to post their pictures of GSIS related events for all to see and enjoy. We currently have pictures from the MT and Kickoff parties. Expect more pictures to follow.
  • International Cultural Event and Human Auction: the "Cultural Crossings" event was held in mid-April and was a great success in that it provided an opportunity to learn about and display many of the unique cultures and foods of the countries of students that are represented at Yonsei GSIS. The GSA, in coordiation with a number of willing volunteers and the CDC/ODAR office, worked hard to secure sponsors and media coverage, prepare country information briefs, cook food for the event, and execute the Human Auction. The even itself went towards raising approximately W10million to be donated to twin cancer patients at Yonsei's Severance Hospital.
  • Career Opportunities: the GSA has been working very closely with the CDC/ODAR office and faculty members to bring in alumni and recruiters to speak to students about professional development and career opportunities. A couple of speakers have already stopped by from the financial sector, with an alum working at a multinational firm scheduled to speak in early May. The CDC was also able to host a representative from the Washington Center to speak about government/non-governmental internship opportunities in the US. Be on the look out for more speakers to come.
Things to come:
  • MBA students from the National University of Singapore: Yonsei GSA will host an exhange event on May 6th at 12pm at NMH. 30-35 international MBA students from over 15 countries will be visiting Korean firms and the GSA has managed to arrange a meeting with these students for the mutual benefit of learning about each other's graduate programs and developing relationships. If you are interested in business, non-profit work or have plans to do any traveling this summer (i.e. - India, Singapore, China, etc.), please stop by for the two-hour lunch event to meet our guests and make some new friends.
  • "Spring Link 2006": the Spring Link party will be held on May 4th in Hongdae. Most schools have already picked up their tickets and posters, so don't miss out on this great opportunity to meet peers from other GSIS programs (SNU, Korea, Ewha, Sogang, Kyunghee). Additionally, the response from Yonsei Alumni has been phenomenal, as the GSA has already received a number of RSVP's for tickets. Finally, all funds raised from the event will go towards subsidizing the end-of-semester banquet.
  • Student Honor Committee: a draft proposal was made and the final details of the student honor committee and code of ethics is being completed. We expect this to be competed by the end of the semester.
  • GSIS End-of Semester Banquet: TBD

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

"Spring Link 2006"

The 2006 "Spring Link" party will be held on May 4th, 2006 (a Thursday night, with a holiday on the following day).

Not only will this be a great opportunity to relieve some stress following the completion of midterm exams, but this event will also allow GSIS students from the many campuses throughout Seoul (i.e. - SNU, Korea, Ewha, Sogang) to “link-up” in a social setting and develop their personal, professional and social networks.

The party will be held at St. 102 (a three-story club with separate lounge and bar) in Hongdae.

Look out for the party fliers in the coming week and see your Program Representatives for tickets.

Finally, all proceeds will go towards subsidizing the end of semester banquet, so come by and have some fun!

(tickets will be available shortly!!!)

Monday, April 17, 2006

2nd Set of Business Cards are out

Please pick up the 2nd Set of Business Cards at the GSA Office ( 4th floor)Please contact the Vice Presidents Jin Hartmann or Min Chung

Raffle Ticket Winning Numbers

Raffle Ticket
Please check for the winning number!
If your raffle ticket number is listed below, please come to the CDC/ODAR office (NMH 508) during office hours to collect your prize!

Bags from German Embassy
184 , 147, 619, 296, 26, 258, 48, 97, 27, 196, 145, 199, 459, 253

Zino Francescatti Lunch Meal Coupon
724, 206, 162, 412, 663

CD-Fly to the Sky
92, 554, 558

CD-Lee, Seung Gi


47, 101, 58

Watts on Tap Coupon
96, 395, 82, 796, 232, 646, 59, 726, 272

Umbrella from Mr. Pizza
301, 618, 66, 23, 714, 242, 22, 185, 686, 391, 349, 575, 140, 139, 138, 799, 645

Zenga Game from Mr. Pizza
384, 762, 25, 644, 70, 94, 303, 208, 33, 156, 561, 154, 246, 44, 269

Sunday, April 09, 2006

"Cultural Crossing" International Event & Human Auction

Yonsei University GSIS Presents:

“Cultural Crossings” International Cultural Show and Food Festival / Human Auction

Objective: Host a fundraiser with the objective of helping cancer-patients in rehabilitation at the Yonsei Severance Hospital. We currently have support from Foreign Embassies and will have media coverage from Joong-ang Ilbo covering the event.

Program: 1) International Event: Raising funds from selling food from countries from around the world (Germany, Egypt, Nepal, Ecuador, Israel, Belgium, India, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, Korea, France, USA, Romania, and Hungary), presentations about the countries (to include facts, culture and special country specialties) and/or performances (traditional dance)

Human Auction: Participants will be auctioned off to the highest bidder (starting from W20,000). The Auctioned Individuals will be from Yonsei University (Students, Professors and Staff).

Location: Global Lounge at Yonsei University
Thursday April 13th 2006

12:00pm Event Opening, Greetings to the Guests, Presentations of the Countries, Performance
1:00pm International Food, Selling Foods (Stands), Selling Drinks (Beer, Wine),
2:00pm Human Auction, Auctioning of Volunteers (Presentations)
3:30pm End of the Event

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Signature Drive for Class Schedule Change

The GSA is holding a signature drive to press the Yonsei GSIS Administration to change the following policies concerning class scheduling:

1) Revert back to the previous system of holding ONE three-hour class per week.
2) Offer more classes per semester so that students will not have to go outside of the GSIS to fulfill requirements (the Associate Dean has asked for possible course topics... please post your suggestions here)
3) Take more time and consideration when planning the actual schedule. We understand that the current system simply takes a professor's requested schedule at face value. We are asking taht classes be scheduled/planned so that there are less classes that conflict with one another.

There is a signature signup sheet in the GSA office on the 4th floor of NMH. Additionally, Program Reps will be carrying signature signup sheets with them in class and around school. Link up with a program rep to VOICE YOUR OPINION by signing the list.

Much thanks!

Friday, March 31, 2006

Guest Speaker Series

Yonsei GSIS and The Office of Development and Alumni Relations presents

GSIS Alumni Guest Speaker

Come and listen to Yonsei GSIS graduate speak on his experiences in the financial industry and ask career advice!


Michael Byung Yun Lee (PIC ’01)

Vice President

Global Principal Investments & Secured Finance

Merrill Lynch

Date: April 5, 2006

Time: 7p.m. to 9p.m.

Place: New Millenium Hall Room 111

**Snacks and refreshments will be served!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Resume Writing Workshop

Lecturer: Chris Chung (Professional resume writing instructor)
Date: March. 29, 2006
Time: 7:00 pm
Venue: Millennium Hall Room # 111
Individual resume feedback limit: 10 students (First-come, First Served basis).

* Those who are interested please send your resume to CDC by Mar.26th so that the lecturer can review and revise them. Those who are not the first 10 can also bring resume to the workshop; he will give tips on resume writing.

Business Cards are out!

Please pick up the Business Cars at the GSA Office ( 4th floor)

Please contact the Vice Presidents
Jin Hartmann or Min Chung

"Cultural Crossings" - International Cultural Show and Food Festival / Human Auction

Yonsei University GSIS Presents:

“Cultural Crossings” International Cultural Show and Food Festival / Human Auction

Objective: Host a fundraiser with the objective of helping cancer-patients in rehabilitation at the Yonsei Severance Hospital. We currently have support from Foreign Embassies and will have media coverage from Joong-ang Ilbo covering the event.

Program: 1) International Event: Raising funds from selling food from countries from around the world (Germany, Egypt, Nepal, Ecuador, Israel, Belgium, India, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, Korea, France, USA, Romania, and Hungary), presentations about the countries (to include facts, culture and special country specialties) and/or performances (traditional dance)
) Human Auction: Participants will be auctioned off to the highest bidder (starting from W20,000). The Auctioned Individuals will be from Yonsei University (Students, Professors and Staff).

Location: Global Lounge at Yonsei University
Thursday April 13th 2006

12:00pm Event Opening, Greetings to the Guests, Presentations of the Countries, Performance
1:00pm International Food, Selling Foods (Stands), Selling Drinks (Beer, Whine),
2:00pm Human Auction, Auctioning of Volunteers (Presentations)
3:30pm End of the Event

Contact Information:

Min Chung
Vice President of Yonsei GSA

Washington Center Information Session

The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars

- Is a nonprofit, nonpartisan educational organization in Washington, D.C.
Has since 1975 helped over 1,000 colleges and universities provide students opportunities to work and study in Washington.
Has provided its more than 33,000 alumni valuable professional experiences in fields of their choice.
Works with most colleges and universities through affiliations that ensure academic credit and assistance with fee for participating students.
Operates year-around, with fall and spring semester and a summer term, as well as fall, winter, spring and summer quarters.
Maintain ties with thousands of organizations - governmental, nonprofit, corporate, and international - that can provide high-quality placements in the Washington, D.C. area.

The Washington Center's Partnerships

Over 1,000 non-profit, private sector, and government agencies work with Washington Center interns each year because their program offers quality, diversity, support and selection.

A list of some of partner organizations where the Washington Center has placed interns

- Amnesty International
Bank of America
Center for Strategic and International Studies
-Council on Hemispheric Affairs
Constituency for Africa
-Department of Defense
-Department of Homeland Security
-Department of Labor
Department of State
- Department of the Treasury
- Department of Veterans Affair
Embassy of Canada
Embassy of Mexico
Environmental Protection Agency
Federal Trade Commission
General Electric
General Services Administration
The Heritage Foundation
Institute for International Education
Inter American Development Bank
International Association of Women Judges
- Merrill Lynch
Middle East Institute
National Defense University
National Museum of the American Indian
Peace Corps
The Shaw Group
- Small Business Administration
Smithsonian Institution
Social Security Administration
Wachovia Securities
The World Bank
The White House
US Congress
- Woodrow Wilson Center
Youth 04

1. Speaker: Jung Ran Lim (Senior Program Advisor)
Date: March 29 (Wednesday), 2006
Time: 5:30 - 6:30 pm
4. Place: Millennium Hall Room 111

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Finance Club Guest Speaker Series

The Yonsei GSIS Finance Club Presents Special Guest Speaker:

Dennis Jin, Analyst, Orion & Company LLC

The Finance Club continues its tradition of bringing back industry leaders to share their secrets to success with current GSIS students.

We will also be presenting the 2nd industry overview information session. This week’s focus will be on the field of INVESTMENT RESEARCH.

Discover how to break into the prestigious financial servicesindustry
Discover what work you can expect once you’re in.
Discover the lifestyle that awaits you.
Discover what no class can teach you.

Who: Yonsei GSIS Finance Club
What: 1) Industry Overview on the field of Investment research.
2) Talk with guest speaker Dennis Jin, Analyst for Orion & Company LLC and
Yonsei GSIS alumnus.
When: Thursday March 23rd 5:30PM-7:00PM
Where: New Millennium Hall Room 111

Steven at Steven.Elwood@Gmail.com


The Finance Club
Yonsei’s BEST source for networking opportunities and insider info.

The Cosmopolitan Party!!!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

GSA Office

In response to a question regarding use of the GSA office, the office is open to all GSIS students for general use. Access to the room (i.e. - those that have the responsibility of locking/unlocking the room), however, will be maintained by the GSA and the Program Representatives for the purposes of security (i.e. - computers, etc.).

Once again: the room is open to any and all students that want to hang out and occasionally check their email. The room and computers are, however, NOT for general studying (i.e. - writing papers) as there are reading rooms and a computer lab available to students.

Finally, as the room is open during most of the day, we only ask that students show the courtesy of respecting the "GSA Meeting in Progress" sign and refrain from disrupting our weekly meetings.

We hope that clears up some of the confusion on the room's function/use.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

ASP/KSP Kickoff!!!

Who: Everyone (especially ASP and KSP folks!)
What: Kickoff Party
When: March 17 (Friday), meet at NMH at 6:00pm
Where: Uno's Pizzeria


MT = 마시고 토하고?? (Mashigoh Tohagoh)
MT = Membership Training ??

Your future Co-worker, Boss, Subordinate,
and even your future spouse
might be the person sitting next to you…right now….
Join our “Memorable Travel(MT)” of friendship
Be part of our “Joint adventure”

Location: Gangchon (1.5 hours away)
Price: 30,000 by Wed @ 5:00PM, thereafter 35,000
Meet at: New Millennium Hall at 12:30PM on Sat., March 18th.
Return: Seoul on Sunday morning by noon

ITF contact: Phillip and Ellen
IMP contact: Mi Seung and Boni

(we welcome all people)

Monday, March 13, 2006

Interview and Resume Writing Workshop

As most folks have seen the recent job postings by the CDC, recruiting season is fast approaching. Take time to stop by the Finance Club's next meeting to get pointers on your resume and brush up on your interview skills.

What: Finance Resume/Interview Workshop for Students.
For Whom: GSIS students of ALL majors and semesters. New members are always welcome and highly encouraged to participate.
Where: Room 112 New Millenium Hall
When: Thursday, March 16th 5:30-7:00
Why: Scary but true, Good grades alone will not get you a great job. You must learn how to work the system in your favor. Your resume is a sales document designed to give recruiters insight into your background. Learn how to present yourself in a way that makes you a more attractive recruit to firms. Learn insider interview techniques that will give you an immense advantage over your competition.


Please R.S.V.P to: Steven at Steven.Elwood@GMAIL.com
And Email your resume to: Edward at mr_edwardchin@hotmail.com

Saturday, March 11, 2006

PIC Kickoff Party!!!


When March 14th, 2006 / Tuesday 7:00 PM

Who All GSIS Majors Welcomed!!
Special Guests - The amazing GSIS Professors!!!

What Fusion Dinner, Cocktail Drinks, & All Night Dance~!

Why Start Spring 2006 with a BANG~!
Mingle with GSIS Students and Professors~!!
Find a potential ‘Special Someone’ on White Day~!!!


Where Club Monghwan @ Shin Chon tel #: 02) 325-6218

Gather in the NMH Lobby at 7PM on March 14th.
R.S.V.P. or Contact PIC Reps for more information~! =)
Tanya 016-302-9822/ Omer 016-466-1373/ Kyungjin 010-7443-1369

Thursday, March 09, 2006

International Cultural Event and Food Festival

The GSA will be hosting an International Cultural Event and Food Festival in early April. We are currently looking for volunteers to offer their culinary services (i.e. - cook food) for our festival to be held at the Global Lounge on the Main Yonsei Campus. If you have any ideas and would like to be a part of this event, please contact Jin Hartmann with the type of food that you want to prepare.

You do not have to be from the country that you are preparing the food for (i.e. - Korean students can prepare Mexican food, etc.).

All cookers will receive funding (money) from the GSA to prepare their dishes and all proceeds from the fundraising event will go towards benefiting a local charity at Severance Hospital.

Graduate Student Business Cards

For those of you that missed the first deadline but would still like to order business cards, please submit your information (i.e. - full name in English and Korean, phone number, and email address) to your Program Representatives with payment of W15,000. The new deadline will be March 17 (Friday).

Lockers: Cleared

If you did not sign up for a locker during the past week, then your lock was most likely cut off and contents removed. As a result, your "goods" (i.e. - books, folders, ntoes, etc.) are in teh GSA office on the floor.

Please stop by and claim your belongings. We will discard of them at the end of next week.

Yonsei GSIS Photo Wall

The Yonsei GSIS Photo Wall is on the 4th floor of NMH (there are currently pictures from the Orientation and MT). We plan on putting up pictures from the various events throughout the semester.

The photo wall is open to all students to post their own pictures of school related events (whether they be from personal or school sponsored activities). The only thing we ask is that folks refrain from taking pictures from off the wall until the end of the semester.

Thanks and enjoy!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Yonsei GSIS Finance Club

Do you want to find out what it takes to get a job in the financial services industry (i.e. - investment banking, sales-trading, corporate finance, etc.)?

How about gaining access to recruiters and professionals currently working in the financial services field?

Or do you simply want to learn more about the different career opportunities in finance?

If so, come out to the Yonsei GSIS Finance Club's First General Meeting this Thursday (March 9) at 6:30pm in Room 112, NMH.

We will discuss membership requirements, plans for the semester (i.e. - financial modeling course, resume/interview writing workshops, networking events with current professionals, etc.), elect club officers, and answer any general questions.

Busting the lockers

The GSA will "open" all un-opened lockers on Tuesday once we secure a lock-cutter.

This gives folks one more day to remove their things from their old lockers.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

This just in!!!

There seems to be a glitch in the Yonsei Portal that is allowing some people to add/drop classes (as of 3:30pm, Sunday) before the official open date (Monday, March 6).

It's not guaranteed to work, but worth a try.

Good luck!

To Delete a Previous Comment

Leave a comment in this post (you can link to this post by clicking on the link on the right-side of this page titled, "Delete a Previous Post") with the following information in the comments section to have your post removed:

1) The title of the original GSA post
2) Your name and the post #
3) A brief description of the comment to be deleted

(i.e. - "Textbooks - Korean Studies Program" - Post #4 - Textbook for PEKD)

Friday, March 03, 2006

Just a couple of reminders...

The Kickoff Parties are open to ALL students (regardless of program).

So if you have time, come out and meet students and professors from other programs!


Also, the Calendar/Datebooks will be available starting late next week. Make sure you get with your program representative to secure your pocket calendar.


Finally, the updated list of program representatives is as follows:

ASP: Scott Chun, Sarah Choo & (TBD shortly)
IMP: Mee Seung Huh, Boni Nam & Brett Duncan
ITF: Seung Min Oh, Philipp Wieland & (TBD shortly)
KSP: Tina Boonyoung Oedgaard, Ami Fukuroi & Yoo-Jean Kang
PIC: Tanya Kim, Omer Mendelson & Kyung-Jin Kim

Remember, if you have any program specific questions/concerns, please feel free to look them up at school or contact them via this blog.

Thursday, March 02, 2006


When: Next Wednesday March 8th
Time: 6:30 PM
Where: In Sinchon. A restaurant called GamNaMooJib (Phone #: 02-336-1143)
Who: All IMP students. Freshmen and Seniors.
How much: W15,000
What: Korean BBQ
Will there be a second-round place to drink? - Of course!
Where will that second-round place be? - OB park, right around the corner from the

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

School Locker Sign-up

A sign-up sheet for lockers will be posted on the 4th floor starting March 2nd (first day of school). Make sure to sign-up for your locker (first-come, first-served basis).

Even if there is currently a lock in place at your desired locker, if no one is signed up for it, it can be yours. Just make sure to sign up, and wait for the previous locker owner to clear their contents.

Existing locks will be removed and all contents disposed of starting on Monday (March 6th).


ITF Kick-off Party

술잔을 아니 술병을 비우세요
마음을 비우세요
시간을 비우세

머리만은 비우지 마십

Don’t empty a glass, empty a bottle
Relax your mind
Take some time
Don’t empty your head

Fill up your Heart with the Soul of ITF and with Life-long Friendship


Don’t even dare to study tonight!

Be There…
For Success
Be With Us
For Networking

Get more and Gain more than from your freaking textbook


When: March 3rd, 2005, 6:30pm

Where: 원쓰리 (Wonsseuri), Sinchon

(meeting at NMH lobby at 5:55pm)


Ellen (Seungmin) 016-225-0875

or Phil 010-2223-0793

Monday, February 27, 2006

MT / SNU GSIS Meeting / GSA Cleanup

Hey all,

The MT was a fanstastic success! We had about 90 students attend. The GSA's hope is that the friendships that were started during the MT will carry over to the regular semester and rest of the semester.

One note, we would like to request pictures and video footage taken by students from the MT. If you'd like to submit photos and video, please email the GSA President. Ideally, we would like the pictures and video on a blank CD. This will help us to more easily transfer the pictures for uploading to the website and would best allow us to edit the video for making a presentation.

On another note, we had our second meeting with the student council from SNU GSIS in Shinchon. We laid the groundwork for a plan to co-host an Intra-GSIS event later on this semester. If you have any suggestions for a possible event, please feel free to post your comments here.

Finally, we will be at school on March 1st at around lunch time for a Spring Cleanup of the GSA office. If you have time and would like to hang out and get to know us a bit better, please stop by for some cleaning up and lunch. For more information, email the GSA.

With that, we hope that everyone enjoys the rest of their break and look forward to seeing all of you at school and all the kick-off parties!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Rate Yonsei GSIS Courses & Professors!

A new set of links (on the right side of this post) will be provided under the heading of "Professor and Course Evaluations".

As many students (both old and new) constantly have questions about specific courses (i.e. - the professor teaching it, workload, teaching style, etc.), these posts will serve as a forum for students to ask questions and share information about specific courses and professors.

As the "Comments" section will allow all individuals to maintain their anonymity, please feel free to ask the most probing questions (i.e. - "Does the course suck?") and offer your most candid opinions and "insider" perspectives on each course (i.e. - "No, it's a great course... if you like reading 400 pages a week.").

Buy/Sell New & Used Textbooks and Readers!!!

As requested by a current student, we've provided links on this weblog for students to buy/sell textbooks at discounted prices from one another (look on the right-side).

As the syllabi and coursework for each class rarely changes from semester to semester, students are able to use books from the previous semester.

If you're looking for books for a specific course or would like to sell your used textbooks, please list the course title, semester taken, professor, textbook/reader and your contact information in the "Comments" section of the major program's blog (once again, the links are on the right side) so that people can contact you should they need to buy/sell a book.

The GSA hopes this will help the incoming (and outgoing) students save (recoup) money spent on class materials.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Scholarship Results!

The following incoming students have been awarded a scholarship (straight from the GSIS website):

(name and amount in won)
CLASEN, RENATE 3,000,000
KO, DAVID 2,000,000
LEE KIM, HANA 2,000,000


Thursday, February 16, 2006

Spring 2006 Program Representatives (Update)


Email your Program Representatives for information concerning your major and school activities.


The following students will be the program representatives for the upcoming semester. As you'll notice, we still have a couple of vacancies, so feel free to contact the GSA if you'd still like to volunteer to serve your classmates the upcoming semester.

ASP: Scott Chun & (vacant)
IMP: Mee Seung Huh & Boni Nam
ITF: Seung Min Oh & Philipp Wieland
KSP: Tina Boonyoung Oedgaard & (vacant)
PIC: Tanya Kim & Omer Mendelson

Additionally, if you have any program specific questions/concerns, please feel free to look them up at school or contact them via this blog.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Scholarship Results Release Date


The following message was received from the GSIS Scholarships Coordinator:

"I have received the results from the Committee this afternoon (Thursday, 16 Feb.).
It is being examined again, and will be processed by the GSIS administration soon.

As soon as the results are confirmed, I will post the results on the GSIS website.
It is expected to be annonuced by the end of this week."

The GSA will meet with the Administration tomorrow to see if there is anything we can do to expedite the process.


The GSA recently contacted the GSIS Administration (specifically, the Scholarships Coordinator, Mr. Daniel Ko) and asked when they expect to announce the results. Additionally, the questions was raised as whether the Scholarship Committee could possibly get a sooner release date on the results.

As soon as we find out any additional information, we will post that information here.